Buryen Clothing Ltd.

Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 2c, 42204 Turčin, Croatia

Phone: +385 99 6888 975

E-mail: shop@buryen

Web: www.buryen.eu

VAT No./OIB: 13882263299

MBS: 070141049 • Commercial Court in Varaždin Vž Tt-17/2190-2 

Equity Share Capital of HRK 20.000,00 paid in full

Founder: Filip Mihalić


IBAN: HR1524020061100783791


Brand is based on aesthetics, functionality, quality and elegance that will provide a new experience of urban-refined style, and it is intended for young people who want to express their innovation, specialty and sophistication through fashion.

The founder of Buryen is a young businessman named Filip who expressed his love for lifestyle by creating his own clothing collection. He is a true example of a true visionary and has been focused on the market since his youth. Filip's outstanding sense of business enabled him to express himself through fashion by applying his own aesthetic values. By creating this brand, Filip wanted to enable those who shared his thoughts and views on lifestyle to stand out and, as he did, express themselves through fashion.


To be a quality-based brand aimed at young people who are not afraid to point out that they are different and to give them the opportunity to express themselves through a completely new type of styling using the combination of urban and high-class style. Buryen's mission is to bring something new and different to the market and to be recognized as a brand for a relatively narrow group of people who will carry Buryen's clothing to communicate their character.


To offer young, refined people clothes that successfully combine the aesthetic and functional aspect of clothing that will communicate the unique and bold character of the individual wearing the Buryen brand. However, one of the main goals is to ensure functionality and quality.


Building a brand based on aesthetics, functionality, quality and elegance that will provide a new experience of urban-refined style. It is intended for young people who want to express their innovativeness, uniqueness and sophistication through fashion.

Brand building began with the basic idea of ​​how important it is to invest in personality and quality. Therefore, the Buryen brand is intended for those who are aware of their uniqueness and believe that their style of dressing is an excellent way to distinguish themselves.


Leather garments are made from real Italian leather whose distinctive feature is that, instead of aging and drying, it becomes better and better with time. Unlike other brands that mass produce their clothes, each Buryen's garment is produced with special care; his clothing collection consists of handmade garments and even the brand logo is hand-sewn. Employees with over 30 years of experience in clothing production, working from a small factory in England, ensure the impeccable quality of manufactured clothing. 

Mercerized cotton, which in the process of production dissolves in alkalis giving it a glittering shine and higher resistance compared to ordinary cotton, is used in clothing production. Likewise, the collection also includes clothes that are made of soft velvet material.